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January 18, 2011



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That's interesting, I am looking forward to see how Obama will act!

New Hampshire

I forgot to add the CATO Institute analysis & recommendation link:


I'm puzzled as to why no one is even listening - maybe the S&P down grade will wake people up.

New Hampshire

Farm subsidies MUST stop in the USA. It has become a completely corupt system in every detail - feeding wealthy farmers. We live in rural New England and the area farmers in NN and VT, who each receive about $40,000 USD per year in "assistance", drive the newest cars, have the largest homes, own the newest ATV's and snowmobiles, and link other businesses like resturants and "antique shops" to their farm income - hiding huge annual profits. They also don't pay a penny in property taxes on thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of acres of land that they own and use for whatever they please (like rock concerts and car shows). It's a terrible injustice.

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